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Hey Monsters ;)

Welcome to my website and working digital portfolio. Find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and RedBubble. I'm always working on something new and always behind on documentation so stick around to see whatever's next!

We are all amalgamations of the people who raised us, the people we meet, the people we are expected to be, and the people we want to become. In my work, I explore where the labels that define a person break and look for gaps in the binaries of life. Drawing inspiration from friends and strangers, animals and inanimate objects, popular media, and that random doodle in the margins of a page, I create monsters. At their core, there is nothing monstrous about my odd creatures, they, just like any person, are simply strange combinations of bits and pieces from all over.


Let's link up

If you aren't into social media or would like a copy of my CV/Resume, shoot me an email.

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